About company

Premia FoodsThe strategic goal of Premia Foods is to become the leading production and distribution company of deep-frozen and chilled food products in the Baltoscandic and North-Eastern Russia during next five years.

Premia Foods – from ice cream producer to food industry concern

For today the company, which is known and loved for making ice creams, has within last 4 years imperceptibly became an operator in six countries with more than one billion kroon annual turnover. This is due to multiple purchases and mergers. Its headquarters is still in Tallinn and directorate is formed by Estonians. And ice cream generates about a quarter of this billion kroon turnover - 40% comes from fish and sea products, 35% from another frozen articles. Geographically, one third of all sales are made in Estonia, other third in Finland and the rest is divided between Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The main owners of the company are international investment funds like Amber Trust, Firebird and Danske Capital. The board members are co-owners as well.

Premia Foods' fish industry branch Saaremere Kala, with its 180 employees, has a definite advantage by controlling the whole production chain - fish-hatching, production and sales. Trout, Alpine brown trout and lavaret that are breed in lakes of Sweden and in Finland, Turu archipelago, and salmon brought in from Norway, will be processed in modern fishery in Saaremaa. Our own distribution network in Finland and Baltic States allow us to deliver fish to customers fast. Heimon Gourmet' brand in Finland holds a 30% share of local market. We're active chilled fish sellers in Estonia as well and we have got our foot down in Latvian and Lithuanian markets also.

Premia Foods – number 1 ice cream manufacturer in Baltic States. Premia Foods’, with its 450 employees, traditions reach in frozen food industry into 1936, when one of the company’s predecessors started producing ice cream in Kaunas. Tallinna Külmhoone, established 1951, became operative in 1956. For today Premia is the greatest ice cream manufacturer in Estonia (market share 40%) and Baltic States. Ice cream, manufactured for Estonia and rest Baltic, is produced in modern factory in Tallinn (opened 1999). In its long history the company has expanded its business becoming the biggest frozen food marketer in the Baltic States. Even 64% of turnover of this branch is gotten from selling frozen goods.