History of Premia Foods

2History003-2005 Amber Trust with its funds became sole owner of Vettel OÜ

November 2005 Second largest Finnish fish industry Heimon Kala OY was bought.

December 2005 Amber Trust II bought KPC - Estonian and Lithuanian ice cream manufacturer and wholesale of frozen goods binding company.

December 2006 holding-company of fish industry Saaremere Kala AS was established

January 2007 Saaristomeren Kala OY was bought, which affords to control production chain from fish bank to processing.

July 2007 GourmetHouse OÜ was bought. GourmetHouse OÜ does wholesale deals with fish and fish products in Estonia and Latvia.

HistorySeptember 2007 FFL, which is biggest frozen goods distribution company in Latvia, was bought.

February 2008 Hladokombinat No 1 trademarks in St. Petersburg was bought.

January 2009 Saaremere Kala was added to Baltic operations. Premia Foods was founded, which is now main company of new food concern.

From 2014 SC "Premia KPC" belongs to the international company "Food Union Group"