Female dolphin Premija and penguin Bravo are fostered by SC „Premia KPC“


The biggest part of visitors in dolphinarium in Lithuanian sea museum is fascinated by wonderful dolphins who give joy to everyone. There live eleven dolphins: Argas, Glorija, Gabija, Gilė, Lima, Premija, Bitė, Nojus and three little dolphins who still have no names. SC „Premia KPC“ is glad to help Lithuanian sea museum to raise beautiful female dolphin Premija  and penguin Bravo.

Female dolphin Premija is the daughter of Gabija and Argas. Like the humans, dolphins have their special character features, capabilities and things they like. Premija is very playful and artistic: she likes tricking, rollicking and splashing. She likes to be the star of the performance and could do anything to get attention and the praises of the coaches.

This female dolphin is the youngest among the mothers who gave birth in dolphinarium: in 2005 she produced her first offspring Nojus and in September 2009 she gave birth to another dolphin who still will be fed with her milk for a half of the year. After the birth of this small dolphin Premija temporary did not participate in the performances, but she returned after Christmas and she gives joy to visitors with her performances again.

Dolphin Premija together with other dolphins participates in performances, educational classes and dolphin therapy program. In 2009 there were arranged 532 performances of dolphins and sea-lions in Lithuanian sea museum which visited more than 20 000 visitors. Exercises of dolphin therapy are very effective and help lots of sick children. Dolphins are looked after their coaches and veterinarians. Extremely big attention is paid for the prophylaxis of diseases and for the quality of water and food.

The support by SC „Premia KPC“ is used in various ways. We are glad to help to buy food, vitamins and other needed pharmaceuticals. Dolphinarium used support money for acquiring microscope which is needed to observe the health of the dolphins. Also, they acquired ultrasonic debitometer which helps to determine amount of the water leaks through the filters. It is very important because clean water is one of the most important factors of good health conditions of dolphins. Also, support was used to buy electric weighting machine and for the other smaller tools which are needed for the health care of the dolphins.

We are happy to cheer Lithuanian sea museum’s personnel and their guests with „Premia” ice creams. Almost all events, celebrations and personnel’s trips are celebrated with “Premia” ice creams.