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PLC “Premia KPC” – TOP COMPANY 2017

top įmonė

According to, in 2017 we were in 5% of the most reliable and economically stable Lithuanian companies.

This evaluation provides us with stronger external reliance as well as the stability of our business. We maintain the financial reputation of our companies and through our activity development, we represent transparent business, competitiveness, liability to ourselves as well as respect to our business environment.

TOP COMPANY 2017 are business enterprises that trusts and recommends based on provided data. Such evaluation is provided only to the companies that meet set criteria.

The criteria for the selection: companies, that were established two or more years ago, providing financial reports on schedule, which turnover (earnings) over the last two years grew, has been steady or did not decrease significantly, whose employee number has been steady or growing, companies were not included in various debtor and fulfilment of obligations registry lists and did not have significant or long-term debts for Sodra (social insurance). The average pay for employees, which too grew throughout the first half-year of 2017, is also evaluated.

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