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POLS caramel ice-cream with caramel coating

POLS caramel ice-cream with caramel coating


For caramel lovers! Pols caramel ice-cream is glazed with caramel and made with fresh milk and cream – it is not your run-of-the-mill.


Ice-cream ingredients 80%: milk, sugar, butter (A*) or (milk fat and butter) (B*), buttermilk powder (C*) or (whey and skimmed milk powder) (D*), potato starch, caramel 0,6% (glucose syrup, sugar, water), natural flavouring. Coating 20%: vegetable oils (tallow, rapeseed, coconut), sugar, fat-free milk powder, butter, emulsifier lecithin, salt, natural flavouring, low fat cocoa powder, paprika extract, colouring agent lutein.


Weight 120 ml
Packing / pcs in a box 32 pcs
EAN 4750025897944
Item code 112096
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