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The legendary Ice-cream has delicious news for sweet-teeth

“Last year I knew ‘what you did last summer’ and this year I promise experiences no less intriguing”– this is your greeting from POLS ice-cream - the finalists of “Brand of the year 2019” and one of the most popular ice-creams in Lithuania. It boldly reminds of itself and invites to go on an adventure in the hot season- with the legendary ice-cream sticks and intriguing news. Who wants in?

Legendary and proud of it

“Pols” ice-cream appeared in Lithuanian market in 2015 and since then has quickly gained popularity. Based on the data provided by Nielsen research company, in 2018 the classic “Pols” ice-cream on a stick generated biggest sales among glazed ice-cream on a stick in our country. According to the CEO of PLC “Premia KPC” Alvydas Malakauskas, what helped reach such results was the impeccable quality as well as a renowned marketing company. The classic “Pols” ice-cream is special because its recipe has not changed since 1971. If you read the ingredients, you will see that the vanilla ice-cream has no stabilisers or emulsifiers. “It appears so that people feel and appreciate it”- said the CEO of the company.

Starting the season “Pols” has a few occasions to celebrate last year’s results. It made it to the voting for the best brand of the year which is a great evaluation and an incentive. Also, chocolate plombir “Pols” was declared “The best novelty of 2018” in the ice-cream category, based on the data the research company “Nielsen” has provided after assessing the growth in the market as well as a consumer survey in which “Pols” received great reviews.

What will you do in summer?

Let me guess – you will spend time with friends and family, dance until the dawn in festivals, you will indulge in water recreational activities, holidays and, you will eat ice-cream! ‘Pols’ ice-cream family has expanded and in it, you will not only find the classic ice-cream on a stick but also a colourful lemon one. As well as ice-cream in waffle cups and in an easy 500ml packaging.

Lithuanians love novelty and for this season ‘Pols’ presents a few – vanilla and bubble gum flavour with marshmallows in a waffle cone and ‘Pols Black’ – fresh cream ice-cream with cookie bits in a black sugar waffle cup. PLC “Premia KPC” has no doubt that you will love this news!

As the weather is getting warmer and warmer, dive into the summer of holidays and pleasure with ‘Pols’ ice-cream, because "goodness has never been so tasty!"

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