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For you- it’s ice-cream, for them- the aid of dolphins


There are some few special needs children in Lithuania. Children, to whom often times communication is a big challenge. When you feel different, it gets harder and harder to interact and sometimes- you do not want to at all. But how do you learn to communicate without doing so? What you need is a patient, inspiring and expressive teacher. Such teachers exist and they can be found in Klaipeda’s Dolphinarium. They are therapy dolphins. Not only are they one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth, but also friendly and most compassionate helpers to the children who need to learn how to communicate, be confident and experience positive emotions. It is scientifically proven that after dolphin therapy, most children experience a decrease in fear of being misunderstood, an increase of confidence in self, as well as in others, their communication skills improve also, training in water advances motor skills, it soothes and helps to concentrate vision, to relax and to better feel their body.

Let’s help these children experience so much more positive emotions – together let us gift them the wonderful dolphin therapy. From June 3rd throughout August 31st, each buying “Klasika” waffle cups in “Maxima” stores will be contributing to the social action “For you- it’s ice-cream, for them- the aid of dolphins”. On September. 15th Klaipeda dolphinarium will present the Dolphin therapy programme for children with special needs. These children will attend ten sessions with dolphins, two consultations with specialists and six other additional activities according to each child’s needs – from arts to sensory stimulations and others.

All, wishing to additionally support this beautiful initiative, can do so by making the desired contribution here:

Lietuvos jūrų muziejus
Įm. Kodas 190464695
Mokėjimo paskirtis – „Klasika delfinų terapija“
Swedbank 73000

Together let us provide the aid of dolphins for those, who need it the most!

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