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KLASIKA Vanilla Ice-Cream 1L - most popular six years in a row

Won the award of "The most popular product of 2015" in the Lithuanian ice-cream category.
The contest of “The most popular product” is organized by Lithuanian trade company association (LPĮA). The results of this contest show that in 2015 customers preferred Lithuanian food production. Firstly, the consumer trusts Lithuanian quality, the product and price follow. Even more so, our manufacturers know the industry, evaluates the buyer and invests into brands. It must be remembered that price for the consumer at the moment remains a core criterion,” said the leader of Lithuanian trade company association (LPĮA), Laurynas Vilimas. Based on the sales records in “Maxima”, “IKI” and “Rimi”, last year Klasika Vanilla Ice-cream was the best seller.

The most popular ice-cream we produce is Klasika Vanilla Ice-cream 1 l. Lithuanian's taste in ice-cream is conservative, the flavour does not change, and the classic vanilla flavour remains the favourite. Vanilla ice-cream is an unambiguous leader followed by traditional flavours, such as chocolate or caramel. News in this year's assortment is 'Pols' and 'Ekselence' ice-cream. If the sun will shine- we will amaze you," - said the CEO Alvydas Malakauskas.Prekybos Įmonių Asociacijos straipsnis.

PLC "Premia KPC" belongs to "Food Union" company group which unifies companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Russia. The companies most popular sold ice-cream brands that are "Klasika", "Pols", "Ekselence", "Bravo", "Nu" and "Jocker'.
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